Almost all my software is libre. Stand-alone applications tend to use the GNU General Public License, and libraries the BSD license (to be precise, the more friendly modified BSD license). If you don’t like a particular licence, contact me and I’ll probably be able to help you.


More stuff not mentioned here is on github.

  • DarkGlass, the program that runs this site.
  • Nancy, the lazy web site builder.
  • magnifier, a minimal jQuery plugin to provide a bitmap image magnifier in web pages.
  • syms (formerly known as “occurs”) counts occurrences of each symbol (e.g. words) in a file.
  • woger releases programs automatically to SourceForge, GitHub &c., and announces them on Freecode.
  • FUSE, some FUSE hacks in Perl.
  • Wiklet, the wiki that is DarkGlass’s ancestor.
  • Lua ports and libraries.
  • Zile, a lightweight Emacs clone that I maintained for over 10 years, and Zee, its experimental offspring.
  • Muckabout, a text adventure game.
  • My EPOC programs, including Mr Matt, are available from FreEPOC.
  • xmas is a little seasonal desktop fun.
  • My pForth portable Forth compiler (runs on the Beetle VM).
  • Some scripts for loading many free books on to a Kindle.
  • The very old-school may be interested in my RISC OS programs.

See also some Miscellaneous utilities.

Research and undevelopment

Including Mite, Beetle (and my other Forth work) and Tau.

Utilities for document formatting

  • LaTeX style files
  • DocBook scripts for converting from LinuxDoc to DocBook

Last updated 2018/02/05