Almost all my software is libre. Stand-alone applications tend to use the GNU General Public License, and libraries the BSD license (to be precise, the more friendly modified BSD license). If you don’t like a particular licence, contact me and I’ll probably be able to help you.


More stuff not mentioned here is on github. See also Miscellaneous utilities.

  • DarkGlass, the program that runs this site.
  • Nancy, the lazy web site builder.
  • magnifier, a minimal jQuery plugin to provide a bitmap image magnifier in web pages.
  • syms (formerly known as “occurs”) counts occurrences of each symbol (e.g. words) in a file.
  • woger releases programs automatically to SourceForge, GitHub &c., and announces them on Freecode.
  • FUSE, some FUSE hacks in Perl.
  • Wiklet, the wiki that is DarkGlass’s ancestor.
  • Lua ports and libraries.
  • Zile, a lightweight Emacs clone that I maintained for over 10 years, and Zee, its experimental offspring.
  • Muckabout, a text adventure game.
  • My EPOC programs, including Mr Matt, are available from FreEPOC.
  • xmas is a little seasonal desktop fun.
  • My pForth portable Forth compiler (runs on the Beetle VM).
  • Some scripts for loading many free books on to a Kindle.
  • The very old-school may be interested in my RISC OS programs.

Research and (un)development

Including Mit, Mite, Beetle (and my other Forth work) and Tau.

Utilities for document formatting

  • LaTeX style files
  • DocBook scripts for converting from LinuxDoc to DocBook

Last updated 2019/06/05