A simple general-purpose low-level virtual machine, intended to be easy to target, and efficient to interpret, JIT, or compile to native code. Successor to Mite.


Mite is a general-purpose low-level virtual machine, which was the subject of my PhD research.


I've done various pieces of work connected with the language Forth, including Beetle.


At the EuroForth 2001 conference I presented a paper by Manfred von Thun, author of the concatenative language Joy. Concatenative languages generalise the stack model of Forth.


My BibTeX databases can be downloaded:

  • Virtual machines database (BibTeX 27.2kb)
  • Personal database (BibTeX 2.08kb)

The VMs database currently contains a lot of non-VM-related material, and it doesn't contain the VM-related entries from my personal database. I hope I'll find time to sort this out; nag me if it would be helpful!

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