My first and so far only attempt at interactive fiction, or what in 1987 I called “text adventure games”. I wrote it using Interactive Software Ltd's Adventure Creator on an Acorn Electron. In July 2006 I dusted off the tape it was on, sampled it into my laptop, converted it back into data, found a copy of AC (mine was stolen in 1988), and used a BBC emulator to run it so I could manually extract the data. I then spent four days converting into Inform 6. Inform is great because games written for it can run on almost any computer. A huge variety of other interactive fiction can be found at the Interactive Fiction Archive.

I'm delighted to receive comments, particularly bug reports, but also criticism and suggestions, both about the adventure and about my use of Inform.

Play online

Download release 1:

  • Game (run this in your Z-code interpreter): Z-code 67.1kb
  • Source code: Inform 6 31.9kb

Last updated 2017/05/11