I have developed some LaTeX packages that some people may find useful. They hopefully contain enough comments to tell you how to use them. Please ask if there's anything you can't work out.

lets you include complete documents in a LaTeX document.
uses the fancybox package to add a copyright banner to the top of each page of a document.
provides centred tables (named to avoid clash with Wybo Dekker’s ctable package for captioned tables).
provides sub-figure and sub-table environments, using the subfigure package, after a hint in that package's documentation.
provides an environment for commented code examples. Particularly aimed at assembly listings.
sets up Adobe Brioso Pro as the text font, using the different optical sizes.

One package which was previously here, dashbox (like \framebox, but for drawing dashed boxes) has now been moved to CTAN. Another package, bitfield (for drawing bit field diagrams), is still available, but obsolete; for new documents you should use bytefield.

Last updated 2021/08/08