Amazon Kindle scripts

I bought a Kindle as a Christmas present, and thought I’d put some books on it. Once I got going, it was easy, I put all of Feedbooks, which took about half the space on the device (about 2Gb, as of Christmas 2010).

The first category I did semi-automatically, but this was a pain, especially the bit where I had manually to add 242 books to a collection on the Kindle. Fortunately, I found kcollect, a Python script for managing collections on the Kindle (caveat: you have to reset the Kindle for your changes to take effect).

Hence the following two quick and dirty scripts:

Python script 1.32kb
Downloads all of Feedbooks into category folders. Currently you need to feed it as input (download it to a file and pass the file as an argument to the script), as, tiresomely, if the program fetches the URL itself it doesn’t get the category list. Fix welcomed.
shell script 399b
Copies books in directories to a Kindle, and categorises them.

Last updated 2010/12/27