Random Comments

21 May 2003. I've been trying to find any changes that anyone else has made and I can't find much, except some slightly odd things going on in Connected Christmas, where someone seems to be trying to explain who Daniel is…and not doing very well I fear. I'm feeling pleased with myself for having worked out how to avoid that here…

OK, I've gone and corrected it now.

  • I'm not an irresponsible choral scholar! Sigh, I'm so responsible I've even been owning up to all the edits I've done. E

21 May 2003. Does anyone else think that the 'characterful photo' is out of date? It's still R's character of course, but he actually just doesn't look like that any more. It must be at least ten years old. E

23 Nov 2004. Yes. I added the muppet photo, but I do not feel I'm of sufficient rank to promote it. Reuben would just switch it back! A

23 May 2003. I'm working on getting more photos, even the newer one is five years old. I'll have to make the past photos into a gallery. R

10 Dec 2003. Thanks to C I now have a newer photo and I've rearranged the old ones, and added dates. R

22 May 2003. I wonder if anyone else will ever add anything here. Or indeed notice that I have. E

13 Mar 2004. I doubt it. D

23 Mar 2004. I know. Modern society: it's just not like it was in the good old days. E

24 Mar 2004. Oh ye (wo)men of little faith. C

19 Dec 2004. It's ok. I'm a woman but I'm perfectly happy to be called a man of little faith. In fact, I'm one of those women who has no objection at all to being collectively called a man. I mean, puh-lease. Let's worry about the important things in life, no? E

19 Dec 2004. I used to agree with the sentiment above, but Douglas Hofstadter convinced me that seemingly unimportant things like this can be cumulatively important, in his piece on sexism in Metamagical Themas. R

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