In editions up to and including b17df7d (the first and second printings), for the remark on p. 15 headed To those who so bravely bore &c., for the first Jonathan Campbell read Alexander Choat. Many thanks to Iestyn Davies for spotting the error, and to Robert Grove of St John’s College School for finding the right name. Apologies to Mr Choat.

In edition b01deff only (the second printing), the Colophon gives the source of the paper incorrectly; it should say that it was “made and cut by John Purcell Paper, Brixton”.

In editions up to, but excluding a6e1c9b (the first and second printings), the lemma of the imitation note to VV. 270–1 contains a comma; it should be a semi-colon.

There are other differences between the published editions, but no other known errors. Should you spot any, please let Reuben Thomas know, for example by writing to

This document was translated from LATEX by HEVEA.

Last updated 2017/10/28