Opera Libretti

From 2016 to 2023, I had the great pleasure of working with the composer Louis Ramm, who commissioned me privately to write two opera libretti.

Unfortunately, the operas themselves have not yet been performed or recorded.

I’d very much like feedback on these; and of course I’d be delighted to discuss similar projects with anyone interested in bringing stories to life on stage. Email me!


The first was an adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s short story Olalla. It is a chamber opera, with a cast of five.

Mariner of the Nebulæ

The second was an original treatment of the life of possibly the twentieth century’s greatest astronomer, Edwin Hubble. It takes its title from its main source, Gale Christianson’s biography. (Note: unfortunately this page on the publisher’s site consistently misspells the biographer’s name!)

Last updated 2023/03/12