What do sailors eat to avoid scurvy? Naval oranges.

What do you call a laid-back executioner? A hang loose man.

Why is a precentor likely to become rich? Because he's making sound in vestments.

What goes "Salva Meeeeeaayyy!"? The Fonz pietatis.

Why did Don Giovanni seduce so many Spanish women? Because he found them moorish.

What happens if you cross a Mafia boss with a surrealist? You wake up to find a bed in your horse.

What is Walt Disney's epitaph? Quia fecit Mickey magna.

What tools do apes use? Chimplements.

What do you call a photographer from the Vatican? A papaparazzo.

Je dis, je dis, je dis! Comment s'appelle le jour après mercredi ?

Last updated 2018/04/24