These are essays on a range of subjects, which some people have said they enjoyed reading.

Unravelling the multiculturalism debate
An attempt to sketch out the dimensions of the problem in Britain.
The End of Innocents
Strategies for a 21st Century Pied Piper, or, Why Kids Think Computers Aren’t Cool Any More, And How To Cope.
The Melting Machine: from PC to Pronit
Over the next thirty years the personal computer will disappear and be replaced by the networked pronit; computing will become a part of everyday life rather than a separate activity, and be involved in a much wider range of activities.
Information and Freedom
An investigation of freedom of information in the age of electronic information storage and retrieval.
The Problems of Philosophical Consistency and Rationality
A discussion of the difficulties of reconciling consistent rational philosophy with a contradictory world.
Examine the ways in which the Romanovs changed Russia between 1613 and 1725
An essay whose style is at odds with its title’s.
A New Consideration of the Wandering Devourer
A rare paper on a rarer creature.
Tour to the Rainbow Land
An article about the tour made by St John’s College Choir, Cambridge to South Africa in 1995, shortly after the end of arpartheid. The article appeared in The Eagle, the College's official annual magazine, in 1996.

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