Jaffa and Tel-Aviv, May 2008

A walk along the beach.

Amnon Shloman, Revital's father, took me on a tour around old Jaffa and Tel-Aviv, the latter where he grew up.

I didn't take pictures of the central historical part of Jaffa. I'm sure there are plenty about already. Afterwards, we went down to the port, home now only to fishing and pleasure craft, and an excellent restaurant.

We then walked along the sea front back towards Tel-Aviv

There are still Christian churches in Jaffa.

The rock on which Andromeda was offered to the Kraken. It used to be bigger, but was blown up to allow larger boats into what passed for a harbour in those days. Cf. "going to Jaffa beach", a nautical phrase for a dangerous trip in the C17th and C18th (apparently; I've not been able to check this).
An above-ground sewage pipe. Yum.

The old Jaffa gaol.

The defunct Jaffa–Jerusalem railway line. For thither the tribes went up, and Jerusalem still has a Jaffa Gate.

We then caught a taxi to the old part of Tel-Aviv, just to save a bit of walking.

Tel-Aviv's first kiosk, no longer in service.
The first cinema in Tel-Aviv, shut down by the Turks during the 1915–17 war on suspicion of its being used to signal the allies.
One of these flags is wrong.

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