Paris, June 2006

Mr Morrison's grave is generally looked after, it seems.
Another one for the collection.
I don't get this pun, but at least the French don't just do it for hairdressers. Sissi is inside trying on the shoes she bought.
Sissi and Fantasyland don't quite fit in the same picture.
I'm so happy to be in Disneyland at long last!
Outside Adventureland.
Just Sissi, with a bit more of the minarets.
I didn't eat all that.
Sissi getting ready to get on board the pirate ship. The pirate film par exellence of this period had its romantic leads, Bloom and Knightley, the wrong way round.
Rain prevented our ascension of the Eiffel tower, so we made do with the view from underneath.
Sissi as we walked back along the right bank.
Americans on Segways (which I had never before seen) in Paris. With their American instructor. This is a contender for Most Ridiculous Thing I Have Ever Seen.

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