Académie Vocale stage, August 2005

The view from the splendid Chateau back down the long drive.
Turning around, the view up the rest of the drive and across the dry moat to the chateau.
The chateau itself.
A closer view of the chateau.
A view of the moat behind the chateau, over to where the monks of Solesmnes came for their annual picnic. Rain was forecast, but it cleared up before noon and the afternoon was beautifully sunny.
A bridge over the Vegre in front of the chateau. There was a nice walk up a hill and into a forest that started parallel to the river, looking back to the chateau.
A little fishing area to one side of the bridge.
Keep out if you're not from the chateau.
A rather rickety-looking bridge across one bit of a lock arrangement just to the right of the fishing bit.
The sky over the hill in front of the chateau.
A no-longer working little mill.
The chateau from the hill, in the evening. Iain has some similar photos taken early in the morning.
Zooming in on the privy.
A view of the lower part of the hill from the chateau.
I wondered whether a fire had been planned, but in fact the sapeurs pompiers had come to remove a wasp nest. The children were delighted.
The approach to the wasps.
Iain took me to Sablé-sur-Sarthe, and dropped me at the recently renovated shrine to St Philibert (1987) while he went to visit his old next door neighbour, whose husband had died in January and who was about to move out.
Le Saint lui-meme.
Some birds on telegraph wires just above and to the right of the shrine.
The birds again.
And again.

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