Stuff given or thrown away

Some particularly memorable things that I got rid of. The tin on the right, originally containing peppermints, was from Dianne van der Welle; the figures are also Dutch, but I'm not sure where they are from.
A few interesting things given or thrown away at Hitchin on Monday 25th August 2008. The red pen was from Grand Bazaar in Belgium and had at least a dozen different colours; the money box I don't remember well, and the two small toys were well-loved and abused transformers-alike.
Close-up of legend on dog money box: "FUND BOX", "POLDO.T.". I'm not sure what that was about, although I suspect that "Poldo" is the name of the dog.
The front side of the Robo Machine (transformer-alike) leaflet.
The back side of the Robo Machine leaflet.

Last updated 2008/08/27