Since 2010 I’ve taken regular profile pictures for use online, in pairs of looking straight at camera, and looking to the side. The versions below are the originals, uncropped.


Before that I used candid photos that seemed suitable.

taken on an English Voices tour of Tancredi with René Jacobs and the Orchèstre des Champs-Élysées in May/June 2007

taken in Antwerp, October 2006

a photo for a CD, summer 2004

random photo, summer 2003

Are mug shots called that because the subject looks like a mug? If so, I would call this one a mop shot. E

If more readers share the mop-inion I can easily dig up another picture from my archives... C

E has a point. D

Programme head-shot a mug shot for a concert programme, autumn 1998

Silly me a more characterful picture, summer 1994

Cornwall, summer 1983

Muppet show in my very own home! Please remember: an ork is for life, not just for Christmas. March 2004. A

Painted toenails and other horrors

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