Things I'd Like

[Also see Things To Read.]

  • A magic computer keyboard, where you can use the mouse by just letting your hands move over it in Harry Potter style (curses to Apple for buying them for their IP and closing them down).
  • Albertus Pro Complete Family Pack fonts

    Things that are in progress

  • An in-drawer stationery organiser (principally for writing implements, refills &c.)

Things I now have

An AeroPress coffee maker
This does pretty much what it says on the box: makes an excellent, smooth espresso quickly and easily. It’s a tad fiddlier than a cafetière, as you have to make the coffee into a jug if you’re making more than one cup, but it makes up for it by being trivial to wash up: the plunger cleans the main chamber as it passes through, so just get rid of the coffee grounds, and rinse the plunger, filter holder and (optionally) scoop. It took a while to get used to the smoothness of the coffee, but after a month, Italian stove-top made coffee tastes horribly bitter.
A velvet waistcoat
Made by Mr Leonard just before he finally retired.
A wireless Microsoft Arc mouse with touch-sensitive scrollpad
It’s pretty cool, but it does need to be rebooted occasionally.
A slightly larger and sturdier desk tidy, black
I didn’t find anything fancy that seemed any better, so I got a bog-standard one; it’s fine, and indeed larger than the one I had before, though not sturdier.
I found some nice lamps. Once my house is in order, a couple more may be needed!

Last updated 2019/12/14