Things For Sale

I have a few Acorn RISC OS computer-related things for sale:

  • 6502Em 2.10, Tapes (with cable)
  • SmartQuotes 1.60 (registered)
  • ZoomChars 1.10 (registered)
  • Twin World (cover disk, StrongARM-compatible)

Also some items from earlier generations:

  • Acorn Electron tapes in original packaging:
    • Acornsoft FORTH (with manual)
    • Starship Command (Acornsoft)
    • Boxer (Acornsoft)
    • Ransack
    • Ravenskull (Superior Software)
    • Mikie (Imagine)
    • many others (ask me)
  • Acorn Electron Advanced User Guide
  • Pace Series 4 2123S modem (2400 baud) (it's very cute, and once upon a time was used to conquer the world D)

Make me an offer!

Last updated 2020/12/23