consensus is a very simple display font. It contains lower-case Roman letters, some punctuation, and the digit ‘3’; for convenience, the upper-case Roman character codes contain the lower-case glyphs too.

consensus looks like this:

consensus font sample

The first few letters (just the letters of the word "consensus") were designed in Acorn Draw, for a company logo, with help from Daniel Thomas. The company then became Adsensus, so some new letters (and design rules) were needed.

I later turned the letters into a font with the excellent PFAEdit (now called FontForge), and added the rest of the lower-case letters and some punctuation, to make it more general purpose. Later still I used it for another business, SC3D, hence the addition of a single digit!

  • Font files (TrueType, plus FontForge source file, MIT licensed) zip 14.5kb

Typophiles may like to compare consensus with the UbuntuTitle font, which as well as being remarkably similar, sports a wide range of extra glyphs, in particular punctuation.

Last updated 2017/05/11