Things For Sale

Some still-warm gadgetry:

  • 8Gb (2 × 4Gb) of DDR3 1333MHz Non-ECC CL9 1.5V memory

Some old Microsoft software, all including original installation media and valid product codes, all tested to work on Windows 7:

  • Microsoft Office 2003 Pro installation CDs and handbook (£25)
  • Microsoft Office 2001 SR-1 Premium installation CDs and manual (£20)
  • Microsoft Office 97 Pro installation CD & handbook (£10)
  • Microsoft Visio 2003 Pro installation CD & small handbook (£25)
  • Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003 installation CD (£15)
  • Microsoft Project 2003 Standard installation CD, user’s guide and handbook (£25)
  • Microsoft Project 98 installation CD & user’s guide (£15)
  • Microsoft Encarta 2004 (Premium Suite) (£7.50)
  • Microsoft Encarta 2001 (Reference Suite) (£5)

Prices include UK P&P.

And various older bits:

  • Zeiss Ikon Perkeo 250 slide projector (£25); in good working order, includes bulb. Has remote control
  • Sony Vaio PCMCIA CD drive (works with any machine with a PCMCIA slot)
  • Sony Vaio PCMCIA CD-RW drive (works with any machine with a PCMCIA slot)
  • Generic 56k fax modem (V.90 upgradeable)
  • DFI Passport 14k4 fax modem in original packaging

I also have a few Acorn RISC OS computer-related things for sale:

  • 6502Em 2.10, Tapes (with cable)
  • SmartQuotes 1.60 (registered)
  • ZoomChars 1.10 (registered)
  • Twin World (cover disk, StrongARM-compatible)

Also some items from earlier generations:

  • Acorn Electron tapes in original packaging:
    • Acornsoft FORTH (with manual)
    • Starship Command (Acornsoft)
    • Boxer (Acornsoft)
    • Ransack
    • Ravenskull (Superior Software)
    • Mikie (Imagine)
    • many others (ask me)
  • Acorn Electron User Guide and Advanced User Guide
  • Sanyo data recorder (excellent tape player)
  • Beasty with 1 servo (for BBC)
  • BBC light pen
  • The Complete Disc Manual for the BBC Microcomputer by R. I. M. Sadek, which contains extensive coverage of both DFS and the workings of the 8271 disc controller
  • Pace Series 4 2123S modem (2400 baud) (it's very cute, and once upon a time was used to conquer the world D)

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Last updated 2017/05/11