DarkGlass Installation

In order to run DarkGlass, you need access to a web server capable of running Perl CGI scripts (Perl 5.8.7 or later). If you’re not sure what some of that means, you’re probably not ready to install DarkGlass yourself, and you should seek help (e.g. do some web searches to learn about web servers and CGI scripts, or ask the person who runs your web server for help).

To install DarkGlass:

  1. Check out the code from GitHub.
  2. Copy the contents of the cgi-bin directory into the CGI program directory of your web server.
  3. Configure the web.pl script as described in DarkGlass Configuration.
  4. The wiki should now be ready to use. See DarkGlass Customization for details of the various ways in which DarkGlass can be customized.

See DarkGlass Organization for more details of the layout of the files and URLs used by DarkGlass.

Last updated 2017/05/14