Tel Aviv, May 2007

Taking a wrong turn on the way back to the hotel in Tel Aviv, where I was in mid-May 2007 with the Armonico Consort, I saw what looked like a father and daughter playing chess in a lower ground floor room. I wanted to take a picture of them unawares. I didn't really succeed. I set up the camera with a couple of shots in other directions first, mainly to make sure the flash was off and wouldn't alert them to my presence. This shop is across the road...
...and this view is back up the road; the chess players are off to the left.
The man was on the phone throughout, which added to the interest of the scene.
This is the best view, despite the fact that the woman is almost invisible.

The Tel Aviv Museum of Art is on the edge of the famous White City. We performed in an auditorium there. I took a few pictures of the entrance, and of the group walking in.

At the airport on the way home many of the group had slept for less than two hours, or not at all, owing to a late night followed by an early flight. I couldn't resist a few pictures...

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