Monaco, August 2006

In August 2006 I spent a week with Sissi in and around Monaco, where her father was then the Italian ambassador.

The high-rise slum in which the Italian Ambassador to Monaco has to live (15th above the jardin on the left).
The building-site next door.
A typical Monacan building, with entrances at all levels...
...beacause of the steep hills.
Monaco has municipal lifts.
One of the variety of mostly pleasure craft sailing the Monegasque waters.
A funfair ride. Indoors. On the beach front.
Tiny tourists on the handrail or swimmers on their way out to the bathing platform?
A compass showing the winds that blow through Monaco in what passes for the local language.

Since there can't be many Belgians in Monaco they must be rich to have commissioned this statue.
A tiny oddity.


Le Rocher

An apt sculpture under which to eat an ice cream.

Failed dog joke

Y a bon!

Apparently this looks different from one side and the other, but Sissi and I, despite being forewarned by her step-mother, didn't understand that this was what we were looking for, or work out where the sides were.

Adam and Eve, in the garden seaward of the Casino.
Industrial debris on the beach.
A breakwater made out of giant food pellets, I hate to think for what.

A beautiful statue on le rocher called "Invitation". Sissi took this.

Japanese Garden

Fashion shoot

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