Daniel and Julie's wedding

The church in Kingshead, before the wedding.
The church in Kingshead again, again before the wedding.
The church tower.
The Ring O' Bells, where several of the wedding party stayed. Iain Simcock was booked in too.
The Ring O' Bells from behind.
The church from roughly outside the Ring O' Bells, about 50 yards down the road.
The church from the bottom of the churchyard.
The congregation mill around just after the wedding.
I gradually approach the congregation, having retrieved my camera from the kind usher's room in the Ring O'Bells who let me change there.
Confetti time.
The Roses Jr.
A group mostly of Daniel and Julie's friends.
The bride and groom arrive at the hotel at Buckley-tout-Saints for the reception. The photographer plots a more photogenic re-arrival.
The photographer continues to consult with the driver.
The car re-arrives.
Alison, mum's old maths teacher, Leonora, and Uncle Lawrence.
Grandma, Aunt Margaret and Natalie allege that their choice of green was not coordinated.
Further photographic conferral.
The bride and groom pose in front of the car. The nth of many.
The hotel, from the croquet lawn.
A different view of one of the official photos.
The newlyweds get to mix a bit.
Daniel's Glaxo supervisor's wife. Augustin himself is on the right. It turned out that they were both French.
I could tell she wasn't English, but her accent was very good, and I didn't guess she was French.
The cutting of the cake. The icer said that Mum's marzipan was traditionally yellow, not modernly white. This means that it has to be iced without error, as the icing can't be scraped off, remixed and reapplied. Mum was puzzled: how does one make marzipan without the egg yolks making it yellow?
The photographer managed to combine patience and efficiency without being at all officious.
Top table.
Top table action.
More top table action.
Uncle Chris Batten.
That French woman again. I was practising stealth photography.
One of Daniel's ex-housemates.
The bride's sister, her mother, and herself.
And, moving along slightly, the groom.
A glimpse of Mum, most elegant, but hidden.
Another attempt to capture that elegance.
Daniel during his speech.
Grandma, at the end of the table (because she's from the oldest generation present?).
Natalie, my godmother and Mum's best friend from school, on fine form.
Rachel and Robert White, with Aunt Margaret in the background.
Ian giving his excellent best man's speech.
Dad is clearly Amused.
A sunset view from the croquet lawn.
Another attempt at the sunset.

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